How much do you know about car insurance? At Executive Dodge Jeep®, your Jeep dealers in CT, we want to make sure you know enough to make an informed decision.

Car Insurance

The term car insurance is something of an umbrella term for the various coverages that constitute it. These coverages protect not just you, but your passengers, as well as other drivers. You pay a set amount of money each month to maintain various degrees of these various coverages.

Coverage Options

It is a legal necessity to have at the very least Liability coverage. This pays for damage to other drivers in the event of an accident. While you could satisfy the law by only having this coverage, unless you are prepared to spontaneously pay your own repair costs fully out of pocket, it’s not a great idea. That is where Collision and Comprehensive coverage come in. These three together are known as full coverage, despite the fact that there are several other coverage options available.

Determining Your Premium

Choosing your coverage is not the only way to manipulate your premium – or amount you pay each month. Your premium is based on several factors from your life. Your credit score, your driving history, even your address are all fair games when calculating your premium.

You do have another aspect of control, however. With deductibles you can lower your monthly costs at the potential expense of more out of pocket costs down the line, should something happen. Moreover, the type of car you choose to insure plays a big part as well. If you want to insure a new car like the 2018 Jeep Cherokee, because its value is higher than an older model, it’s going to cost more.

At Executive Dodge Jeep, it is our mission to fulfill your automotive needs to the best of our abilities. Whether that entails providing great vehicles or helpful information, we strive go above and beyond.