The parts department at Executive Dodge Jeep® in Wallingford, CT, is at your disposal whether you need floor mats and air filters, or brake shoes and tires. We know that the impetus for visiting an auto parts department can vary drastically in its level of severity. However, we want you to feel comfortable coming to us for all your automotive needs.

Should you be in the unfortunate position of needing a new part to get back on the road safely in your Jeep Cherokee, or just in the mood for something different, our versatile OEM parts and accessories are more than up to the task.

Often times, even if you remain diligent with upkeep and maintenance, it is impossible to predict if and when a car part is going to give out. This is even truer when it comes to outside influences. As rattling as a sudden part failure can be, we hope you take a bit of solace in knowing that we have whatever you need to get you back on the road again.

Repair is only one aspect of part replacement, however. On the flip side, you have the ability to totally personalize an already impressive Dodge car, and turn it into a creation all your own. With the wide breadth of parts and accessories at your disposal, you can drastically change both the appearance and performance of your vehicle any way you so choose. Take advantage of some the great parts specials we offer to really get the most out of the process.

Car repair is one of the facts of life. While mixing and matching to create the car of your dreams can be as stimulating as actually having it. Whatever you need from us here at Executive Dodge Jeep, we are happy to provide it.