At Executive Dodge Jeep® in Wallingford, CT, we’d like to make the endeavor of car buying as painless as possible. To that end, we’ve compiled a few steps that will guide you on your new car journey.

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide what you want. The only way to do that is to research what’s available. Do you want an SUV of a coupe? Do you want new or used? You don’t have to finalize your choice. But, having a general idea of what you want, plus a few alternate options is a great start.

With your few choices in mind, you can start looking into how you plan to pay for the car. The big decision is whether to lease or buy. You can find information on both at our Dodge finance center. Moreover, an accurate accounting of your finances will give you the best picture of which of the cars on your list are the most realistic.

By this point, you should have a pretty good idea of which car you want, but you should never commit without testing it out first. A test drive has two major benefits. 1, you get a feel for how the car drives, how easily you interface with it, and how comfortable you find it. 2, it is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about features, add-ons, and options.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to come to terms on a price. Be aware of all the things that can affect the price, such as fees and special features. Also, make sure to seek out and specials or deals you can apply to help make the cost more palatable.

Once the deal is worked out and agreed to, you are good to go. When you purchase a car like the 2018 Jeep Cherokee, here at Executive Dodge Jeep, we want you to be excited about your decision!