When making a major purchase, knowing your options is crucial. When it comes to purchasing a new car, there is no shortage of options. At Executive Dodge Jeep®, the place Wallingford, CT drivers come when they search for “RAM trucks near me,” we would like to help you make at least one major car buying decision: which engine should you get?

The most important aspect of your engine decision is going to come down to how many cylinders you want. Your choice will typically be between four and six, but can be as high as 12. Combustion, or the source of the cars motion energy, takes place in the cylinders.

Engines that don’t have as many cylinders tend to be arranged in a straight line giving the engine an inline (i) designation. On the other hand, as the number of cylinders increases, it becomes more practical to arrange them in a V shape (V). There is a corollary relationship between the number of cylinders and torque and horsepower output.

It may seem that engines with more cylinders have all the advantages, but it depends on what you plan to use the vehicle for. If you plan to spend long periods of time on the highway or off-road, then you will want something with more cylinders. However, the additional performance comes at the expense of fuel economy. More localized driving would probably be better suited to a four-cylinder engine.

There is a pretty noticeable difference in price as well. A 2018 Jeep Cherokee with a V6 engine could save you as much as $1000, as opposed to the same model with a V8 engine. Whichever engine better fits your requirements, Executive Dodge Jeep is here to provide it for you.