For those that may not have heard, Dodge plans on ending production of the Dodge Viper sometime in the next year, which is an incredibly sad thing for those that have been in love with the Great American Sports Car over the course of the last quarter century. The good news is that even though the automaker is winding down production on an iconic automobile, customers aren’t completely out of luck if they still want to buy one. In fact, earlier this year Dodge announced five special edition “25th Anniversary” 2017 Dodge Viper models, and they sold out so fast that the brand is planning yet another special edition as part of the model’s sendoff.

As your Dodge dealer in Wallingford, CT, we’re always on board with a good special edition, and the ones we’ve seen from this particular run have been awesome. Customers apparently have been equally impressed, as they snatched up each and every one of the 206 Dodge Viper special edition models in just five days. One of them even sold out in 40 minutes.

That’s why they’re now planning a sixth special edition for the car’s swan song, a Snakeskin ACR that will feature all kinds of great things, including a range of Snakeskin-themed aesthetic flourishes like exterior paint, SRT stripe, and serialized badge. It also will be the recipient of the ACR package, Extreme Aero package, and carbon-ceramic brakes.

In other words, it’s going to be every bit as awesome as the other special editions that already have been sold. Only 31 of these Snakeskin ACR models will be produced, so it’s not likely most customers will get their hands on them. But for those that fall short there still are plenty of other sporty Dodge vehicles like the 2016 Dodge Challenger and 2016 Dodge Charger currently available at Executive Dodge Jeep. Swing by for more news about the special edition Dodge Viper or take one of our available models for a test drive!