Executive Dodge Jeep® is more than just RAM dealers in CT…we want you to enjoy your automobile to the fullest. Part of doing that is making sure your vehicle has the right features to accommodate your favorite activities. With that in mind, who doesn’t like a good tailgate before a weekend football game? These are some features in our vehicles that can turn your good tailgate into a great one.

Fortunately for prospective car buyers, liftgates have become the predominant means of opening the back of the car. It’s not surprising as liftgates offer optimal entry and space. Its attributes go beyond this simple function, however. Open the liftgate and you’ve got automatic refuge in both sun and rain.

Rear-Facing Tailgate Seats
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to kick back in your backseat and still be a part of the party? Rear-facing tailgate seats make that happen. While dedicated tailgate seats have become less popular over the years, reversible options are starting to pop up more and more.

Power Outlets
Often times when people come in to look for a new car, there are features they don’t realize at the time will be important later; power outlets are one of those features. If you want to set up a TV, a toaster, a blender, or a roaster, you’re going to have a hard time finding a place to plug them in in a parking lot. Bring your own inside your car.

Exclusively available to light and heavy-duty RAM trucks, the RAMBox Cargo Management System can be used as a portable party in and of itself. Consisting of two bins flanking the truck bed, the RAMBox can be filled with pretty much whatever knickknacks you like. It can even be re-purposed into a cooler!

Find the features that suit your game day needs in the vehicles here at Executive Dodge Jeep! Visit us before the next big game!