Financing a car can seem like a daunting task, but it really is personalized to accommodate you as much as reasonably possible. At Executive Dodge Jeep® in Wallingford, CT, it’s our mission to demystify the process and get you into a vehicle you’ll love.

When you finance an automobile, you are not technically slowly paying for the car, you are slowly paying back a loan you take out on the car. The terms of the loan depend partially on the cost of the car, but largely on your personal finances.

If you’d like to get a basic idea of what a financing agreement for your desired vehicle might look like, plug your information into our online Dodge car financing estimator. This will calculate a general idea of what your payments might look like.

For quick pre-approval and to give our finance experts a clear picture of your financial circumstances, fill out a finance application in our online Dodge finance center.

Our finance experts will need to know sensitive information such as your credit score, income, assets, employment situation, and the financial particulars of your living arrangements (rent/mortgage). This information, which is protected for your privacy, is used to help us come up with terms we can both feel comfortable with. Depending on these factors and the price of your car we will be able to work out the down payment, the interest rate, monthly payment amount and duration of payments.

At Executive Dodge Jeep®, we know that a finance agreement tailored to you is in the best interest of everyone involved. If you can afford higher payments for a shorter period great. If you need lower payments over a longer period, that’s great too, so long as you enjoy one of the amazing vehicles in our vast inventory.