Gas prices go up every summer, partly because of rising demand and partly because of refinery capacity due to the switch to summer-grade fuel. But if you’ve seen gas prices around Hamden, CT climbing even before that switch, it’s not your imagination; fuel is getting more expensive, and may well stay that way. Fear not. Just drive smarter to save fuel — and stop by Executive Dodge Jeep® RAM! 

What role does your Jeep dealership have to play in this? Funny you should ask. Start with your tires; new tires get better traction, which means smoother acceleration and less hard braking. Our Mopar car parts department near Middletown, CT can help with that, and you can help yourself by maintaining proper tire pressure.

Maintenance also helps. Fresh oil and filters keep your engine clean, and a clean engine operates more efficiently. Certain sensors — your oxygen sensor and your emissions controls — can also cause your engine to burn more fuel if they’re damaged. Visit us if your check engine light is on or your fuel economy takes a dive.

There are other things that have more to do with how you drive. Don’t warm your car up, and don’t idle; neither one accomplishes anything, and both waste gas. Also travel light, since extra weight and drag cut into your gas mileage. Keep your speed consistent and within the speed limit, since driving too fast or a lot of stop-and-go driving means less efficiency.

One last thing to remember: keeping an old car running is a point of pride for many of us, but at some point a new Jeep SUV (or even a later-model RAM truck) is going to get better mileage, with fewer repairs and less maintenance, than your old clunker. Sometimes spending money saves money longer-term. Executive Dodge Jeep RAM can help with that (and with RAM truck service and parts, too). Visit us at 406 South Orchard Street in Wallingford, CT from anywhere in the Hamden area.