Those in Wallingford, CT who find themselves looking for “Dodge service near me” need look no further than here at Executive Dodge Jeep®. The aspects of regular service that should never be neglected are the brakes.

The brake system is not something that can be replaced and forgotten. Replacing brake pads and discs is just a regular part of car ownership.

Brakes get used up and worn down faster than some other parts of a car because they are in near constant use.

In order to slow the revolutions of the wheel, brake pads have to clamp down on the brake disc. When you consider the fact that, at times, wheels make hundreds of revolutions a second, you can imagine how much friction that can cause. It’s even worse when the brakes are slammed. All that wear and tear adds up.

As it turns out, brake pads and brake discs do not wear down at the same rate. It usually takes twice the amount of time for a disc to become worn than it does for the pads. This works out well as pads can be replaced without replacing the disc. Whereas, when the disc is replaced, the pads should be as well.

Staying ahead of any problems is key. The best way to do that is to bring your 2018 RAM 1500 into your Wallingford Jeep dealer for regular maintenance and servicing.

Short of this, you’ll want to keep an ear out for any unusual sounds or vibrations when you apply the brakes. Also, as obvious as it may seem, if your check brake light comes on, check your brakes. Don’t put it off!

Executive Dodge Jeep is here to answer any questions you may have about brake safety, as well as perform any automotive servicing should the need arrive. We look forward to helping you make your car as safe as it can be.