As your Wallingford Jeep® dealership, our dealers at Executive Dodge Jeep realize that even the safest drivers can’t protect their vehicles from damage at all times. Scratches, dents, and cracks can happen. When they do, all you have to do is bring your car to us, and we will find the most efficient way to get your car back in the condition it should be.

A car’s paint job is not just one layer. Because of this, the repair process can be considerably different based on the depth of the scratch. Scratches are typically grouped into 3 types:

Clear Coat Scratch
The clear coat is so thin that you may not even notice damage at this level. If you do happen to spot a clear coat scratch, you could probably get away with just wiping it away.

Paint Scratch
Paint scratches are considerably more visible. Fortunately, with matching paint from our Dodge parts department, we can apply a touch up to the scratch that blends it back in with the rest of the exterior.

Deep Paint Scratch
When it comes to deep paint scratches, the quicker workarounds will not be enough. The scratch will either need to be buffed out or, more likely, filled in before the new paint can be applied.

Paint is not the only aspect of the vehicle that can scratch. Pebbles, glass, and other debris in the road can cause superficial damage to your tires. Unlike paint, should the superficial damage to tires get worse, it can lead to big problems. Allow the tire center here at Executive Dodge Jeep to examine any damage you may see to your tires, and repair or replace them as necessary. We care deeply about your car’s cosmetic issues, but we care even more about your safety.