In case you hadn’t noticed with the steadily-rising temperatures, summer officially is here, and Jeep® is getting in on the fun by christening its models “The Official Vehicles of Summer.” While that admittedly is a rather audacious thing to say, anybody who has ever taken a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee or 2016 Jeep Wrangler for a top-down highway ride or an off-road drive through sandy beaches knows that in a lot of ways it really is hard to find better summer autos. That, at least, is what a trio of new Jeep commercials is trying to prove.

The first of those new spots is called “4x4Summer,” and it’s a continuation of the “4x4ever” Jeep ad that ran during the Super Bowl back in the winter. It features an original track by Sony recording artist Morgan Dorr and shows a number of special edition Jeep models rolling around summer-inspired off-road surfaces. NBA star Paul George even makes a cameo in the spot’s grand finale.

George and his friends actually appear in a second Jeep spot, which uses his inspirational voiceover to compare his hard work in returning from a gruesome leg injury two years ago to the hard work that a Jeep model does on an everyday basis.

The final summer ad shows how much the African-American and Hispanic communities enjoy a good Jeep for sale, as well, with stories unique to their cultures and how they specifically have interacted with Jeep autos over the courses of their lives.

Here at Executive Dodge Jeep, we feel confident that all of these commercials will go a long way toward convincing Wellington, CT customers that Jeep really does provide “The Official Vehicles of Summer.”