At Executive Dodge Jeep® in Wallingford, CT, providing great vehicles for lease or purchase is only part of our commitment to serve our customers. We also offer quality parts and expert service to help keep your car in the condition it should be. This is especially important with Labor Day weekend quickly approaching. Before you head out on a family road trip to celebrate the last holiday of the summer, pay a visit to our Dodge service center and let us guarantee your car is ready for the ride.

We have the Mopar® Express Lane for situations exactly like this one. You don’t need to make an appointment and we aim to make your wait as brief as we can. The services offered in our Express Lane could easily double as a pre-trip checklist so that you have all you need to get where you’re going and back.

Oil changes may be the main attraction, but it is far from the only service we provide. We also check/change your filters.
On the exterior of the car, we make sure all the bulbs are lighting appropriately as well as making sure your wipers are in good working order. Should we notice a problem we will replace the part with a fully functional one from our Dodge parts department.

We pay special attention to the state of your battery, as it is one of the most integral parts in making your car work.

We’ll end up at your tires and make sure they are safely inflated and not too worn down, before performing a tire rotation.

While these are great pre-trip services, we offer much more. For a full accounting of all the services provided by our highly trained service experts, stop by Executive Dodge Jeep. Be safe, and happy travels!