A quality vehicle is made up of quality parts. When it comes time to replace one of those parts, you wouldn’t want to replace it with anything less, would you? At Executive Dodge Jeep® in Wallingford, CT, we offer factory-certified parts and expert service to get your car back to top form as soon as possible.

We don’t stop at just offering you great parts, we also have several coupons to help lighten the load of paying for them. You can find these coupons in our Dodge Parts Department. If you need wiper blades we currently have a 10% off special for you. If you need brake or tune-up parts you can get 10% off of those as well.

Parts are only half the story, however. They won’t do you much good without being installed. That is where our Executive Dodge Jeep® Dodge Service Center comes in. Our service technicians make it their priority to do quick efficient work to help you get back to your regular life.

We realize that our working hours are likely your working hours, that is why we offer early bird drop off. Waiting for your vehicle to finish being serviced can be inconvenient. If you need to go home for the wait we also offer a shuttle service. If it ends up being a multi-day affair we have rental services available so you can keep your mobility.

Your satisfaction is our main goal. If you’re happy, we’re happy. Our experience has shown that polite and skilled service, coupled with quality and dependable parts are the best ways to accomplish that goal and get you on your way in an expedited fashion. We look forward to your next visit.