When you’re in Wallingford and you’re looking for a Dodge dealership in CT, Executive Dodge Jeep® is the place to come. We’d also like to make sure you’re getting the most out of the gas you pay good money for.

Which gas should you get for your car? The truth is that it depends on your engine. It may surprise you, but there isn’t actually a universal answer, despite the fact that one is called premium.

The Difference
Gas is broken up into (at least) 3 different grades, regular unleaded, mid-grade unleaded, and premium unleaded, based on the amount of octane they have. The more octane, the slower the gas will burn, conceivably creating better fuel economy.

However, this only has a profound impact in engines designed to take advantage of this attribute. If you put premium gas into an engine designed for regular gas, the improvement will likely be there, but largely imperceptible.

This is why you want to read the owner’s manual to find out which gas works best for your engine. Assuming that regular will work fine in an engine designed for premium can have negative consequences down the line. It can cause engine knocking, less responsive acceleration, and decreased fuel economy.

What is the point of Mid-grade
Some engines are actually designed to run specifically on mid-grade. Putting regular in the tank can cause performance problems, whereas using premium is, effectively, of no additional benefit. It just goes to show that selecting gas grade is less about hierarchy than it is compatibility.

Executive Dodge Jeep is happy to let you know which type of gas the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its engines are designed to perform best with. We want to make sure our customers get the most out of their cars!