In a few short weeks, winter will once again be rolling into spring. Everyone is familiar with the concept of spring cleaning as it applies to the home. At Executive Dodge Jeep® near Hamden, CT, we think it should apply to your car as well.

The first aspect of this “cleaning” isn’t technically cleaning at all, but repair and upkeep. Once the winter subsides there is no better time to come to our Dodge service center for routine maintenance. We can make sure your fluids are topped off, your hoses are secure, your filters are clean and your car is safe.

We pay special attention to your tires because good tires are so important to the optimum safety of your vehicle. We will make sure they have deep enough treading to grip the road, and we will make sure they are at the proper level of tire pressure.

An especially important part of spring maintenance is making sure your wiper blades are going to keep your windshield clear. Even working wiper blades can do a poor job of increasing visibility, more so if they leave streaks behind. While streaks are an easy fix with a bit of rubbing alcohol, if they aren’t keeping the rain away, it’s time for new blades.

Once the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is functionally in the condition it should be in, it’s time to get it looking as good as it performs. This comes, not just from a run of the mill car wash, but from an extensive detailing. You should aim to get your car detailed about twice a year, and what better time than the turning of the seasons.

If you need help with any of these issues we want you to know that we are here for you at Executive Dodge Jeep. Let’s make this spring a great one.