The changing of the seasons is a great way to delineate periodic activities. There’s winterizing and spring cleaning, why should summer be any different? With that in mind, we here at Executive Dodge and Jeep® in Wallingford, CT, have a few ideas on regular service and protections your car could use in the summer months.

Sun Shading
We have the sun to thank for the warm weather, but at points, it can be a bit over enthusiastic. Have you ever opened up your car only to be assailed by a wall of blistering heat? If you have leather seats it can go beyond general discomfort to actual pain. A great way to prevent this is to use sunshades in both your windshield and rear window. It will not only help to keep the temperature down but also prevent fading from all of that sunlight. Certain models even come with solar panels that can help keep your battery charged.

Overheating is unpleasant during any season, but if there’s anything wrong with your coolant system, the external heat of the summer will only exacerbate the problem. Leaks and disconnections can happen seemingly out of nowhere, and even without your immediate notice. When you bring your vehicle into our Dodge service center, our team can make sure all is well.

Additional Fluids
If you plan on doing any extensive driving, making sure your fluids are at their appropriate levels is extremely important. This is true all year round, but as active tends to increase during the summer, there’s really no better time. You’ll want to focus on oil, brake, power steering, and windshield washer fluids which you can find in our Dodge parts department.

Executive Dodge and Jeep® is here to help make sure your car is as summer ready as you are!