When you look at a muscle car like the 2017 Dodge Charger, you may not expect it to be as high-tech as it truly is. It’s that beautiful marriage of brain and brawn that we here at Executive Dodge Jeep® in Wallingford, CT, provide to our customers on a daily basis (even Sundays). Here are just a few of the helpful tech features you’ll find in our Dodge cars.

7-Inch Digital Cluster Display
The digital display has become something of a standard in modern vehicles. Where the 7-Inch Digital Cluster Display stands out is in its customization ability. You can create the display that best serves you, turning your vehicle into a personalized driving machine.

Performance Pages
How would you like to have real-time stats of the performance of key car components like the engine at the touch of a button? With the available Performance Pages feature, you’ll be privy to just that. Ever wondered what the actual amount G-force your car is exerting? That’s only some of the information this system provides.

Sport Mode
Sometimes you’re just going about your daily business and just need to get where you’re going. For the times when you really want to put the car through its paces, there’s sports mode. Sports mode changes the settings of your engine, transmission, and steering to a higher output for when you really want to cut loose. Sport Mode is designed to create an improved throttle response modified shifting, to take your driving experience to the next level.

As incredible as these features are, they are just the tip of the innovation iceberg here at Executive Dodge Jeep®. We would love for you to come in and see the rest of them for yourself. We look forward to your visit!