When looking for Jeep® dealers in CT, customers in Wallingford know that Executive Dodge Jeep is the place to come to. If you’re currently in the market for a new vehicle, you may want to consider an SUV for a number of reasons.

Growing families are particularly well-served by vehicles like the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a brilliant driving machine that doesn’t sacrifice form for function. There’s plenty of room for your family and all the things they wish to take on the ride along with them. There’s even enough room for your furry friends as well.

SUVs are not exclusive to families, however. Those who seek adventure and are in need of a way to reach it will appreciate the off-road prowess SUVs provide. Not only can they get you where you want to go, they also retain the ability to carry or tow a wide variety objects to enhance the experience for when you arrive. This is accomplished through a suspension more suitable for meeting unpaved surfaces and frames that hold the body of the vehicle high enough to avoid sticks and rocks along the way.

It’s no coincidence that SUVs are designed to better handle more rigorous roads. They often possess transmissions that allocate power more efficiently even and especially under the added stress of off-road terrain.

Perhaps you aren’t looking for a vehicle for a large family or to set out onto roads not yet traveled. Maybe you just need space and like the idea of a higher view on the road, in which case, you will find that in an SUV.

There are far more reasons to think about getting an SUV from Executive Dodge Jeep. Come in and speak to one of our customer service specialists to learn more!