Failing an emissions test is no fun for anyone. That is why at Executive Dodge Jeep®, your Jeep dealers in CT, have come up with a few ideas we think will help you pass the test and keep your car in great all-around condition as a benefit.

Driving around with your car’s check engine light on isn’t a great idea in the first place, but it certainly isn’t a good idea to try to pass your emissions test with it on. It’s not worth the time it would take to try, because your chances of success are astronomically low.

Unfortunately, the check engine light doesn’t tell you exactly what you need to fix. The instrumentation in our Dodge service center, on the other hand, will point us directly to the issue so that our skilled service technicians can fix what is wrong and can get you on your way.

The catalytic converter is perhaps just as integral to passing the emissions test. In fact, its very purpose is to convert harmful emissions, so they aren’t released out the tailpipe. This function can be hindered by the accumulation of residual oil and gasoline.

Luckily for the speed demons out there, cleaning off this accumulation is as easy as cruising down the highway. As your vehicle reaches higher speeds, from a longer period of time, it will begin to burn away the build-up on the converter. For the best results, take your vehicle on the highway a couple times a week leading up to the test, and again directly before the test.

If you really want to be sure, bring your car into us here at Executive Dodge Jeep and we can make sure you won’t have any issues. Something as small as a cracked gas cap can cause problems. Let us nip them in the bud, so you only have to take the test once.