At Executive Dodge Jeep®, we’d like to know how often North Haven, CT drivers wash their cars. If you only wash your car when you see it covered in dirt or dust, you might not be washing it enough. As your Wallingford Jeep dealers, we’d like to give you a more helpful schedule.

Dirt, grime, dust, and especially salt are extremely unsightly on the exterior of a car. Beyond that, if they are allowed to build up and remain there, they can have a corrosive effect. It can even rust through the vehicle’s body.

Fortunately, a simple wash will get rid of all of those things. The question is – how often. For the answer, you’ll need to answer a few other questions. Where do you live? Where is your car usually kept?

Where do you live?

Environmental factors play a big part in how long you can go without a wash. If you happen to live by an ocean, there is more salt in the atmosphere and it can take its toll. If your town gets a lot of snowfall, the salt from roads will have an even stronger effect. In these situations, it wouldn’t be excessive to wash your car once a week.

Where is your car usually kept?

Even if you do happen to live in a salt-rich environment, if the car doesn’t get out much, then it won’t need to be washed as much. A car that’s typically kept in a garage can often get away with bi-weekly cleanings and be fine.

At Executive Dodge Jeep we hope you have a better understanding that a clean car will keep its looks longer. Be sure not to forget about the interior as well. A quality vehicle like the 2018 RAM 1500 deserves all the attention you can give it.